How to determine your skin type

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All skin types need moisturizer but often we have no clue where to begin.  We purchase the wrong products that leave our skin unsatisfied.  Before purchasing face moisturizers, determine what your skin type is.

If you are sitting on your lunch break at work and your face feels dry after you have applied your morning moisturizer, mostly likely that product is not what your face needed.  You may have dry skin.  No worries we have a dry skin butter with moringa oil that is great for maintaining moisturizer throughout the day.

Let's say your headed out on a nice date and you check the mirror one last time before getting out your car.....and BOOM there is shine on your nose.  That was not the look you were going for I bet.  Don't fear, you most likely have combination skin and need a moisturizer that is great for dry/oily skin.  We have you covered!  Our combination skin has marula oil which your face is sure to love.  Not to mention its non-comedogenic, so it will not clog your pores.

Oh we did not forget about our Butta Lovers with the oily skin.  Do you find yourself blotting all day because you can not keep the shine off your nose, cheeks and forehead.  You had a full face of makeup when you left the house and now you've basically blotted it away.  It's time to switch up that moisturizer.  Our oily skin mixture contains rosehip oil.  It is a rather dry oil but still moisturizing.  There is no need to add an oily mixture to already oily skin.

What are you waiting for?  Switch up that moisturizer and give your skin some all-natural love.


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