We are back open!!

Posted by Vanesa Mungo on

Hello Butter lovers. I am back and for those who dont know me, my name is Vanesa and i am the owner of Butta Me Down body butters. A little on my backstory, I started researching the benefits of raw butters, oils and essential oils on your skin many many years ago. It’s amazing how natural ingredients can benefit your skin in so many positive ways. Your skin is your outer layer, so I’ve always believed in protecting it and loving on it! Yes i said loving on it. Our skin responds when it’s not moisturized, just the way our bodies respond negatively when it’s not receiving the proper nutrients.

Living a life of an active duty military member, mother and full time student....2022 was taxing and I had to shut down due to deployment.  I received so many emails on opening back up.  I wanted to with everything in me but I didn't have the capacity to do so with just me. 

If you didn't know my business is ran by myself, my now 11 year old son and my (soon to be) 9 year old daughter.  We are all we have.  I create, she packages and he does the heavy lifting to the mail room.

EITHER WAY.....I said all of that to say this....WE ARE BACK!!


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